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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule,
but to schedule your priorities.
― Stephen R. Covey

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Start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your book, your goals, and how this whole thing works.

Marketing Consultation

This 2-hour book marketing consultation organizes the best book marketing tools available for authors to provide you with a book marketing plan.

One-on-One Consultation

If you're a DIY'er but need reassurance or tips on the next steps to take, hire an experienced publishing consultant for one hour at a time.

Mindfulness Coaching

Learn the tools for the challenges of writing life, including sensory meditation, guided writer's block meditations, and more. Love your inner critic!

Choose the perfect plan

Whether you just came up with an idea or finished writing your book,
there’s a plan to help you become a indie author!

30-minute Initial Publishing Consultation

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Frequently asked questions

1. Initial FREE Consultation
Whether you have an interesting idea for a book, or you’ve just polished off the last chapter of your manuscript, and you want to learn what happens next, a complimentary 30-minute consultation is for you. During this chat, we want to hear about your book, your dreams, goals, your desired publishing platform, and your ideas. From there, we show you how the entire book publishing process works, before offering options for the next stage of the development of your book. 


2. One-on-one consultation
There are some talented authors out there who are capable of doing a substantial amount of research to put their book on the fast track to success. However, if you need reassurance or tips on the next steps to take, you can hire one of our skilled and experienced publishing consultants for one hour at a time. Even if you just need advice on book marketing, or to know how to stay on the right path, a one-on-one meeting can achieve just that. 

Lucky you! This 2-hour book marketing consultation is a popular option for many new authors, as Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing uses her experience and knowledge to provide you with a book marketing plan. Polly spent years collecting and organizing the best book marketing tools available for authors, with contemporary ideas and a modern twist, and all that outdated misinformation removed.

During the consultation, Polly will use her book marketing plan Buzz! to find what will best work for you, your target demographic, the genre of your book and your long-term goals. We can do the consultation via screen share, or meet face-to-face if you’re in Denver. The best part is, this is a $380 value package for just $249! (or $349 if you bring a 2nd author.) Click the 2-hr book marketing consultation button above!

Sure! Learning more about publishing will most likely bring up more questions. A free 15-minute follow-up call is included, but anything past that ya pay for!

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