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I got what I have now through knowing the right time to tell people to go to hell.

~ Leslie Caron

Literary management

Let someone else do it for you

What is literary management?

Options in publishing are booming and not all in a good way. Too many publishers don’t care about the quality of your book as long as they get your money first. And, once you’re published, no more answers to emails and phone calls. Unfortunately, too many authors fall for their tricks.

During my 20 years in publishing, my vision has never changed: I want to create a place where all you do is write. Writers should be working on their craft, not trying to figure out the production process or messing with daily marketing tasks.

Literary Management means on-going career advice, marketing services, and publishing guidance.  I’m not an agent – I do not represent writers to submit to traditional publishers – but I will help you research the literary marketplace for the right agent and help you hone your query.

I work with both traditionally and independently published authors to manage the path of your literary career. We work together to ensure the direction of all your writing, so you reach your literary goals. I pride myself on the commitment I make to every author and their career as a whole.

Every writer is different and so are your needs. So, let’s talk about what you need to boost your on-going writing career.